Climate and Weather

A cross-sectional analysis of meteorological factors and SARS-CoV-2 transmission in 409 cities across 26 countries

There is conflicting evidence on the influence of weather on COVID-19 transmission. Our aim is to estimate weather-dependent signatures in the early phase of the pandemic, while controlling for socio-economic factors and non-pharmaceutical …

Temperature-related effects on respiratory medical prescriptions in Spain

Background: The increased risk of mortality during periods of high and low temperatures has been well established. However, most of the studies used daily counts of deaths or hospitalisations as health outcomes, although they are the ones at the top …

A heatmap as calendar

Recently I was looking for a visual representation to show the daily changes of temperature, precipitation and wind in an application [xeo81.shinyapps.io/MeteoExtremosGalicia](https://xeo81.shinyapps.io/MeteoExtremosGalicia/) (in Spanish), which led me to use a heatmap in the form of a calendar. The [shiny](https://shiny.rstudio.com/) application is updated every four hours with new data showing calendars for each weather station.

Contrasting patterns of temperature related mortality and hospitalization by cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in 52 Spanish cities

Background: Climate change is a severe public health challenge. Understanding to what extent fatal and non-fatal consequences of specific diseases are associated with temperature may help to improve the effectiveness of preventive public health …