Co-creation and Participatory Design of Big Data Infrastructures on the Field of Human Health Related Climate Services


Co-creation of scientific knowledge based on new technologies and big data sources is one of the main challenges for the digital society in the XXI century. Data management and the analysis of patterns among datasets based on machine learning and artificial intelligence has become essential for many sectors nowadays. The development of real time health-related climate services represents an example where abundant structured and unstructured information and transdisciplinary research are needed. The study of the interactions between atmospheric processes and human health through a big data approach can reveal the hidden value of data. The Oxyalert technological platform is presented as an example of a digital biometeorological infrastructure able to forecast, at an individual level, oxygen changes impacts on human health.

Internet of Things and Big Data Technologies for Next Generation HealthcareEdition: Studies in Big Data, Vol. 23 Publisher: Springer International PublishingEditors: C. Bhatt, N. Dey, A.S. Ashour